Happy Holidays My Creative Thinkers,

This year has been a roller coaster ride for me as a business owner and now the CEO of a corporation. There have been many changes behind the scenes that I just couldn't have prepared myself for. Liquidations, buying out my old company, and developing a new business model with two companies under one umbrella came with a steep learning curve. Nevertheless, I am thankful for this year as I have developed a business portfolio that I can be proud of and is workable for my schedule. I want to share a few of the year's highlights with you as we celebrate this past year and all that has been accomplished.

Our Design Studios


Design Process

SAJATA-E DESIGN STUDIOS LLC is now the home of two design studios. The public studio is located in Downtown Mott Haven in The Bronx and is home to our retail location. All the photographs for our products are taken there where an entire staff is available to help take care of the business needs. I couldn't be more thankful for the help and support, and I couldn't serve my customers without them.

Our  Mill and Spinnery

For many years I did all the work all by myself. I spun, carded, sewed, and painted everything by hand, and now after 22 years, I have passed the torch onto capable hands. I hired a spinner mill to handle a lot of the work. I still do exhibits and custom work, but I don't do retail spinning anymore, and I don't do much sewing. My talents are needed in other parts of the business, and that's ok. It feels good to get help from others.

Farming And The Natural Knitting Project

I would have never thought my little community art project would be so popular. This year I couldn't meet the demand for natural dyes, and I sold out of mostly everything. This project is dear to my heart, and I want to thank everyone who has participated in The Natural Knitting Project. It brings joy to the community and the farmers who watch the flowers grow yearly. A composting project was also started, and a farm school is in the works for next year. Everyone deserves agricultural education to connect to the land.

Making New Friends

Last but not least, I learned about the value of making new friends. I also learned the importance of taking care of myself. Last year I took on too many independent contracts quickly, which took a toll on my health. Wealth can not replace time and a healthy body. Now I prioritize sleep and a healthy diet. If I can't finish something before 7pm, it will have to wait for tomorrow. 

I thank everyone who has supported my company and now my corporation. May next year bring everyone joy and happiness.