FREE Downloadable Coloring Pages and Free Stickers


Hello My Creative Thinkers,

It's been a while since I last posted. I never understood why it takes so long to buy out a company until I brought out my own company and turned it into an LLC. The process is long, and the moving parts are many.

I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. It has all been a process because I am an artist, farmer, and business owner. I have other people that depend on me, and we all have to work on the same playing field. I want to make this company more inclusive and localized while still serving customers nationally and internationally. You will start to see significant changes to our site this fall-winter 2022. A new set of patterns will be released before Black Friday 2022, but I wanted to release something fun before the patterns.

The recession and inflation have left everyone wondering how to have a cost-effective holiday this year. It's been stressful, and I wanted to do something fun to relieve some of that stress, FREE Downloadable Therapy Coloring Pages. From now until next spring, if you sign up for our monthly newsletter, you can get our seasonal coloring pages for FREE; CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP. These pages will also be on our site for purchase. I am giving them free with our newsletter and every order. If you order this holiday season, you will also get free stickers and our set of 4 coloring pages. If this sounds good, grab a cup of cocoa, and some crayons, sign up for our newsletter and color your cares away. The download is instant when you sign up.

We hope you enjoy the freebee's, and if you're in NYC, stop by our studio for our holiday sale.

With Gratitude,