Our little company has hit a significant milestone this year. This process has been long and well overdue, but we have finally become a Limited Liability Company! That's right, we have incorporated. Why is this significant? 

In 2000, this company started out as a micro-business with a small $1000 grant from the Trickle-Up program to develop small businesses in the South Bronx. It's been 22 years, and we are still standing! This is rear for a small business in New York, and I am a woman of color who thought of the idea of creating a participatory product-based social practice that reinvests 40% -50% back into the community that supports the company to combat urban poverty. 

By remaining small while creating ripples in the fiber supply chain, we have been able to work with some fantastic people who help us in the mission to "Help Ourselves." This practice is not just "Waste-Not, Want-Not," but also the practice of not wasting your time looking for a social savior to help you. My South Bronx community members want partnerships and not needy-greedy handouts that leave us powerless. We want to work and live in peace. We want fruitful businesses that support families. All of the money made from our natural dyes goes back into community programming, education, and farmer quality of life. These things are essential and are the fundamental values not just for our company but for the South Bronx. So what do these new "Corporate" statutes mean for the company?

SAJATA-E FOR D2BD will be owned and operated by SAJATA-E DESIGN STUDIOS LLC and our other assets and intellectual properties. This puts everything under one umbrella so that it's all easy to manage. SAJATA-E FOR D2BD will still be responsible for all community arts programming and education. Kelly Street Bronx Agriculture with be accountable for Agricultural based community work, and our studio is where we will host our private clients that fund the whole operation. Wow, that was a lot to say. I am genuinely thankful for all the support over the years, and a big thank you to collaborators, interns, and organizers who share our TRUE community wealth-building vision. Mom and pop shops are the backbone of New York City, and I am proud to be one!