What's on Our Needles and Other Studio Updates


Hello My Creative Thinkers,

The holiday season is finally here, and I couldn't be happier. The retail shop has been bustling lately. I decided to give the in-person shop a design facelift before the new year. This retail space is an experiment of sorts. The space is 90 square feet, the perfect size for us because the long-term plan is to build a mobile retail space the same size. I am also designing plans for our own manufacturing building, but that project has to remain under wraps for now.

This space is designed as an in-person extension of our online intellectual properties, retail shops, and services. 

(Pictures- Selected shots of the shop updates)

This holiday season, we plan on uploading more patterns to the shops. We predict that most customers will want to cozy up with their favorite book, person, or support pet while making something at home. Yes, people will go back to traveling and shopping for expensive gifts, but I know many of you might be in transition from a job or just need something relaxing to do at home this year. Some of our old favorite designs will make a comeback and be available in our online art school. New faves will be available in the online stores in digital PDF format. All downloads are instant from all of our retail locations.

( Picture- SAJATA-E in the retail studio making the donuts!)

Also, thanks in part to a grant we received from City Artists Corps (Mayor of New York's Office), we can do some legal work on the company's assets and finish the work on one of our biggest projects, our next book, which documents the entire studio's art practice. This is a tough project and will take up most of 2022. The book will hopefully be released in Winter 2022-23.

I am so thankful for all the help this year. Our yarn spinners, interns, volunteers, and even legal help from support sponsors all play a key part in the "WE" I always talk about. Stay tuned for more shop updates, and always remember my Creative Thinkers; we are a community of kindness and love, so keep the joy alive and celebrate the joy of the season.