Studio Redesign and Our Spring Collection


Summer was eventful, to say the least. It's the time of year where we are working to develop green spaces for our community members, growing food and natural dyes. It's also the time I spend thinking of new designs for the holiday season. I also realized a new retail studio design was needed for the upcoming year.

(Picture 1: Painting my entryway)

I really wanted to design a space that felt like the company brand to film tutorials here. It also needs to serve as a retail exhibit for my customers and clients.

(Picture 2: A peek inside the front of the studio)

The redesign won't be finished until November. I really can't wait to show you all the improvements with the space. 

This is also the time of year when we are finishing the Spring Designs for 2022. 

(Picture 3: A sneak peek into Spring 2022 Collection)

This year felt like a lot of hard work, but we are pulling through. We have a book coming out in Winter 2022 and so many other projects that we have to finish before the new year. We are so happy for the overwhelming support of customers, community members, and financial backers who have kept us going through the year. Looking forward to giving another glimpse into the life and world of SAJATA-E STUDIOS.