How To Create An Extra Room In Your Home or Office


In 2020, during the Pandemic peak, everyone was redecorating their homes and trying to find new workspaces in the middle of all the mayhem. I was working on a new retail studio and moving art supplies out of my home studio. Fast forward to 2021, I have been amazed by all the room make-overs I have seen and how inventive people have been in finding rooms in their homes where there wasn't any room before.

As I was sorting through recycled packing supplies, I realized that my closets were under-utilized. I looked up pictures of closets turned into extra rooms, and I thought this would be an amazing challenge. What I didn't know was how much work this project would be!

My first challenge was to take the measurements of the space. I don't know why but for some reason, I underestimated how big these closets were. The closets are 10 feet tall and 9 feet wide, the total size of my entire walls. Once I took the measurements, I had to take everything out of the closets and sort what I wanted to keep and what needed to be recycled, sold, or discarded. Then I had to order a closet organizing system for my clothes (closet #1) and then divide the largest closet into a storage closet for my luggage and an extra room for stationary and packing supplies. After I got all of my organization supplies from the store, everything started moving faster. I have to say I love the final results, take a look:

If you want to work on a project like this in your home or office, here are a few tips:
  • Make sure the closet you use as an extra room is over 5 feet wide. This will prevent a feeling of claustrophobia in the space.
  • Take a week or two to order the necessary supplies for your room build. We are still in a pandemic, and DIY projects are in high demand. Your local store may not be able to fulfill your order in the time frame you would want.
  • Take another week to sort what you don't need anymore. If you have a large closet to work with, then you may have hoarded some un-needed items. Get rid of anything you don't need to focus on the project.
  • CLEAN! Scrub down your workspace with organic peppermint soap and hot water. You want your new room to smell like a new room and not like the old socks you stuck in the closet 5 years ago.
  • Finally, enjoy your new room and what you've built! I didn't realize how much I really needed a stationary room until I built it for myself. Now I have everything organized in one place. I'm not Marie Kondo yet, but a girl can dream right.
I hope this article inspired you to get a little more creative with your own spaces. You are only limited to your own imagination so dare to be a Creative Thinker.