New House Yarn Blends and Team Building


Hello My Creative Thinkers,

I wanna chit-chat a little bit about the theory of being a one-man band and owning a company. 

I started my business very early in life. I slipped and fell along the way but have always seemed to pick myself up and work my way through. Building something from scratch isn't easy, but I wish someone would have told me that you don't have to do everything yourself or do everything alone. Over the past ten years, things have been going well for me, and it's because I have learned the fine art of proper team building.

Long ago, I didn't trust that someone could do a better job than me, so I tried and failed at doing everything myself. It was tough and unnecessary. Now I have amazing people on my team, and I also don't stress managing people all day because my system consists of smaller firms that I hire to do the work, and they manage their own staffing. I pay for the services to concentrate on just being a designer and I have to tell you I haven't felt this great in a long time.

If you can learn anything from me, it helps to get help from others. From interns to office management, people really want to take part in your dreams, so allow them to do so.

Speaking of forwarding movement in dreams, take a look at our new house blend of wool yarns. 

This is a blend of Lincoln and Merino local New York State wool, and the farmers I work with really care for their flocks. This local resource just warms my heart, and I am happy to share it with the world.

Our new house blend will be dyed with onion peel, sappan wood,  and turmeric dyes. Look out for a batch to be posted in our stores this weekend. Thank you all for being so amazing and supportive all these years.

Stay awesome, my Creative Thinkers,