Earth Day 2021 New Designs Have Arrived


HAPPY EARTH DAY, My Creative Thinkers

It's springtime, and what better way to start the season than to be a little kinder to the earth we all live in. At SAJATA-E Design Studios, we wanted to celebrate this Earth Day by debuting some new designs that will make you think a little differently about our impact on Mother Earth.

Let's start with our new house blend wool yarns. Soft to the touch and made from the finest New York Wool, these lovely skeins are hand-dyed using our raw onion peel and sappan wood dyes. Our skeins are also lightly simmered to prevent shedding while knitting. You can find out more about this product HERE.

Plastic Bags, we all hate them, but for some reason, we can't escape them. What if we could put them to good use? Reusable products are the best way to divert hard to recycle plastics from the landfill. Plastic bags harm our land and waters, but they also muck up the machinery we use to recycle other plastics. In our studio, we focus on reusing these plastics, not just because it's the right thing to do. We're doing it because we believe that plastic bags can be a genuinely reusable resource. Check out the 'Plastic Bag Tote' HERE and see that recycling can be fun and stylish.

Let's talk more about hard to recycle plastics; mesh plastics are the worst for the earth. On land and by sea, this plastic is a real issue for little animals. At the studio, we make use of these plastics by sewing them into little pot scrubbers. They last for months and don't scratch up the pots like other scrubbers on the market. Starting in June, we will have a whole sustainable life series on our channels, and this DIY scrubber will be one of the workshops that will be made available on our website. We will also list a few in our store.

We at SAJATA-E Design Studios are all about that urban farming life; that's why we will be introducing Green Life Products to our store line-up. Compost is what we make in the studio year-round, and we want to share it with you. Making compost tea is fun, and your plants will love it. Our compost comes in one-ounce cotton bags. Just dip it in a bucket of water and spray it on your plants. You can find out more about this product HERE.

I hope you all have enjoyed Earth Day. Remember, EVERY DAY IS EARTH DAY!