The Act of Spinning Yarn as a Meditation Practice


Years ago, I tried and failed at Meditation. My mind was too busy, and I couldn't let go long enough for the practice to stick. I gave up and didn't think I could ever center myself enough for Meditation until I started spinning yarn.

I took to spinning like a duck to water and soon started to feel an amount of peace that I never felt before. There was a calm to the practice of spinning that I never knew existed. It's virtually impossible to think of life's petty problems while spinning a balanced strand of yarn. It's been years since introducing handspun yarns into the company, and now I've added a whole new level of zen to my yarn spinning productivity.

Want to level-up on your spinning game and bring a sense of peace to your mind as well as your craft? Here are some helpful tips:

1. Find a Warm and Cozy Spot to Spin In.
Nothing, and I mean nothing, feels better than soft fiber in your fingers while snuggling up with that blanket you made last winter during the ongoing snowstorms.

2. Make a cup of cocoa to keep you company.
Umm... warm cocoa, a blanky, and spinning some angora fiber, now that is bliss.

3. Play classical music.
This little tip is my favorite. If you're not a classical music fan, you just might want to start. Pairing classical music with spinning is the ultimate in balance and serenity. Try some upbeat, focus classical tunes instead of slow and sullen. Too slow of a beat, and you just might relax yourself to sleep.

I hope you enjoyed this little tip sheet talking all about meditation and spinning. If you're learning how to spin for the first time, no worries, just pop on over to our shop and pick up a SPINDLE KIT HERE.