Behind The Scenes In The Studio 2021 Edition

In the Retail Studio spinning up some Black Girl Magic

The year has gotten off to a great start! 

A team has been developed to design new patterns and workshop kits. This is amazing as well as functional. Our teammates will work from home and check in every other week for instructions on the projects. 

A new book all about our 20-year design theory is in the works as I type this. This project fills my heart with so much joy. It will also be the jumping-off point to a revamped pattern publication series coming out this year.

A new retail studio tour is also in development. I have done so much to our space since moving in. The shelves are being stocked, and we are working out little fingers to the bone behind the scenes.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but the cold weather agrees with me these days. It feels so cozy at work, snuggled around sweaters, hats, and custom spun yarns. I do need a solution to hanging up my coat in our 90 square foot space. Our retail studio location is the size of a tiny home, and I love it! I managed to design a tiny kitchen, order desk, and display sets in the space. 

A new studio tour is on the way. Can't wait to show you all but until then, stay warm and safe.