What To Do On Vacation When You Can't Travel


For many seasoned holiday travelers, the 2020 holiday season is a complete suck fest. Quarantines and lockdowns have us pulling out our own hair, trying to figure out what to do with our time off. Have no fear; we have some holiday vacation ideas guaranteed to bring cheer into anyone's gloomy festivities.

Yes, it's about that time to take full advantage of the world surrounding you. Grab the family and go on a COVID FREE, socially distance nature hike. If you live in a city like we do, a quick google search will reveal some of the best nature parks in your surrounding area. Grab your sneakers and take a brisk and refreshing walk in the wild.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, feels like happiness like an indoor green space. Find a window that barely gets any use, start from seed or buy some seedlings. Any way you choose to start, just start. Drinking a morning cup of joe surrounded by your favorite plant friends will make you forget that you haven't been able to spend time with your real friends in almost a year.

Grab that boy or girl you love so much and spend a few nights on the couch, eating popcorn, and watching movies. You like to cuddle, they like to cuddle, it's cold outside, and the timing is perfect. This might also be the best time to plan out your quarantine team. Nothing says "I Love You" like making sure you keep your partner safe from harm by staying away from everyone else.

Remember, it's the holidays. You're supposed to be happy. So make yourself happy by doing all those things we take for granted all year long.

Happy Holidays
Team Creative Thinkers at SAJATA-E DESIGN STUDIOS