How To Detox Your Life For The New Year


The year 2020 has been hella cray-cray! America is politically divided, a pandemic broke out worldwide, and people struggle to find meaning in the madness. It's time for a fresh start. Don't bring those bad vibes into a new year. Here are some recommendations on how to detox your life for the new year to come.

1. Brown Bag Your Lunch
Want to lose 25 pounds in the new year? Start by bringing your lunch to work, or better yet, ditch your food delivery apps. Yes, those food apps are convenient, but those extra pounds are not. Packing yourself a healthy lunch every day will help you lose weight and feel great. Even if your goal is to not lose a pound or two, you will definitely save some extra cash by packing your meals every day.

2. Set Three Goals To Accomplish In The New Year
It's New Year's Eve, and you have a laundry list of resolutions for the new year. A list that will never get accomplished. Don't self sabotage your goals. Instead, set three important tasks to accomplish for the new year. Want to knit that favorite sweater using SAJATA-E FOR D2BD Yarns? Well, just add those tasks and two more to the list but nothing else. Creating a long list of stuff you want to do creates a daunting situation where nothing gets done at all. Keep it simple and stick to three tasks only. 

3. Ditch The Toxic Nouns 
You know what I'm talking about. All the people, places, and things that are making you sick. Make a list of people, places, and things you need to get rid of before the new year. Before the ball drops, drop everything on that list. Want some bonus points? Go on a social media detox as well. Purge those tweets, delete those posts, and close those apps. Your social media information is the go-to source for every sociopath in your life. Stop feeding these trolls. Delete your information and live in peace.

A new year should be filled with joy and new adventures. Start fresh by detoxing your life and ridding yourself of everything that is no longer necessary in your life. You'll be glad you did.

Happy New Year
Team Creative Thinkers at SAJATA-E FOR D2BD