December Holiday Gifts For Under $100.00, Awesome!


This year has been challenging, to say the least, but the holidays are upon us, and we are all looking for a little holiday cheer. Many of us will be at home with the people we love but what should you buy them for the holidays? Don’t sweat your budget; buy your loved ones something awesome for $100.00, a gift to be appreciated by the whole family. Here are a few suggestions that will make your holiday bright.

1. Craft a Family Arts Gift Basket

Everyone is home with nothing to do. Why not craft yourselves an activity gift basket. Use your imagination to create the basket of your dreams. If you’re a family of knitters and crocheters, stock your craft basket with SAJATA-E FOR D2BD handspun yarn. Our favorite is our Onion Peel Natural Dye Wool Yarn for $30.00. Fluffy and soft, our yarns are easy to knit up and a favorite for beginner crafters. In need of needles and hooks, why not grab a pair from BLICK ART SUPPLIES. The artists in your life will love your thoughtful holiday gift.

2. Give The Gift of Art

Are you on a tight budget but want to give a sustainable gift, just gift a PDF of original artwork. SAJATA-E FOR D2BD has amazing prints, including a PDF Greeting Card - Natural Ink Berries on Stem Print for just $3.99 each. Just make sure to tell your loved ones to print out the PDF on white card stock. 

3. Warm and Cozy Accessories are Always a Gifting Favorite

Buying clothing for your favorite person can be difficult. Clothing is one of the top return items during the holiday season. Give a clothing accessory instead of an outfit that might get returned to the store. SAJATA-E FOR D2BD has Cozy Reversible Knit Caps for sale for just $30.00. Great for the winter season, our hats are warm and soft. Your favorite relative will love one of our hats, as will you.

We hope this holiday shopping guide will help you decide what to buy your favorite person for the holiday season.

Peace, Love, and Joy to the World