Happy Thanksgiving From SAJATA-E Studios


Hello and a very Happy Thanksgiving to all my Creative Thinkers,

The holidays are meaningful to all of us, and I want to thank all of you for your outstanding support of this adorable company. This year has been hard on many of you, and we understand how you feel. But... we are strong and full of hope and joy. The holidays are a time to reflect on how we see our futures. Our futures can be full of love, light, and joy as long as we are good people with kindness to share and love to give.

If you're feeling down this holiday season, here are a few tips to make your days brighter:

1. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee. They will appreciate you.

2. Serve meals at a soup kitchen. Giving to others will make you feel better.

3. Go for a jog. A good run will stimulate your heart and soul.

4. Sing your favorite song. Nothing like a great song to bring you back to happiness.

5. Do some yoga. Yoga has been proven to bring peace and happiness to restless souls.

I hope this holiday tip guide has been helpful to you all. 

Wishing you a Happy Turkey Day,