What’s New In The Studio

It's been a wild year and I can't believe it's almost over. As an artist and designer of this company, I've had to think quickly on my feet.

To recap in case you have not been following us this year:
1. Covid-19 hit New York very hard. All of our in-person workshops were completely shut down and remain so until further notice.

2. We shut down the warehouse and moved into another studio space with the partnership of KREATE HUB where our office is located and collective stores are now housed.

3. I, the lead designer and teaching artist for the creative lifestyle brand had to pull it together to offer all the workshops online. That we did and it was a super success. 

4. The Natural Knitting Project book was delayed due to the pandemic but its set to be released in December 2020 and I’m set to write the next book on the complete theory of this design practice in 2021. The outline for that book has already started. Title to be released in Midsummer of 2021.

5. A new online school has opened for us in a format that we can finally live with.

6. Finally, a complete rework of our farming partners supplying all the wool for the products and programming plus sustainable raw material suppliers has been formatted. That was the biggest task.

Did I miss anything, don’t think I did.

Also, in order to cultivate a better and more well adjusted social media audience there have been a few changes:

1. Not sadly, there will be a retirement of all platforms pages owned and operated by FACEBOOK. The content will still be available to the public but there will be no new content posted to those platforms. I have always held the saying true that if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. Moving forward I, as the owner of this company will only align myself and this company with other companies that have the same goals and values as we do. None of us are perfect but we should strive to do better and be better (I include myself in that). All fun lifestyle content will be on platforms like PATREON where the audience has a real say in the content that is presented to them.

2. Other platforms like Twitter and YouTube will be advertisement and store updates ONLY.

IN-STORE PICKUP of all local orders has also been added to the shop. Some of our shops have been offline for redesign and restocking but for the stores that are up and running I thank you for your recent orders.

Once again, thanks for all your support. Stay safe and looking forward to a awesome holiday season.