Making a Manual Knitting Machine and Should You Get an Addi Express


Recently, I hosted a show called “ART TIME” in partnership with BRONXNET TV Network and BX ARTS FACTORY that centered around making projects at-home using every day objects.  The project I focused on was a multi-functional manual loom that can be made with a simple cardboard coffee can you can get at any supermarket. 

You can view that episode here:

Manual looms are great because you can knit and weave on them. As I worked on this project I wanted to take it a step further, so I upgraded the loom using an old American Girl Doll weaving kit I picked up on sale at Barnes and Nobles. After opening up the American Girl Doll kit I found it impossible to write the post because the kit was so lacking in quality and I didn’t want to trash the product so I took a pass on the story and it sat in my studio for years. Upon making this tutorial I rediscovered the loom kit and thought of an awesome way to use it.

If you have one of these kits sitting around at home here is what you can do with it:

Step 1. Open the kit and toss out the yarns. They’re awful unless you’re a spinner that can recycle the yarns in a spinning batt.

Step 2. Watch my Art Time episode above on how to make this loom. It’s simple and won’t cost you anything to make.

Step 3. Take the loom part from the American Girl Doll kit and place on a sturdy table along with a hot glue gun. Flip your handmade loom upside down and glue your American Girl Doll loom part on the bottom of your loom using the glue gun. It should fit perfectly if you’re using a cardboard coffee can. The brand I’m using is from TRADER JOES.

That’s it. You have just made a manual knitting machine that can rival the Addi Express Knitting Machine. I know some are thinking that it’s impossible but I beg to differ. If you’re a hobby knitter and you are not using a circular knitting machine to create a mass amount of product, for the $100.00 price tag, the Addi Express is sort of a waste of money. This knitter creates a quick knit up fabric that can be used for clothing and accessories.

If you decide to make this project and you don’t have the American Girl Doll weaving kit on hand then the cost of this project will run you around $27.00 but these kits are sold in lots of placed on a deep discount because of its product value.

This is a great project to do in preparation for the holiday season. Pair this project with some yarns from our collection SOLD HERE and you’re all set. Everyone in our crew likes to knit with a warm cup a cocoa and marshmallows but it’s your cozy time so you make the rules!

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