Last Minute Fun and Sustainable Halloween Ideas


It's holiday time and Halloween is upon us. There's also a pandemic going on and we all want to stay safe this holiday season. Why not celebrate a safe Halloween at home, with the family or your quaranteam of choice, via these awesome celebration ideas.

    1. HALLOWEEN MOVIE NIGHT: Grab your best costume onesie, pop the corn, and snuggle up to your favorite Halloween flick. You can't go wrong with cozy movies on the couch with the loved ones. Here are a few of our favorite Halloween flick picks:

Addams Family (Animated 2019 Movie

A Nightmere on Elm Stereet

Amityville Horrow (Original Version)


          Friday the 13th


    2. FAMILY PHOTO BOOTH: Using only a few dowels, craft paper, and some awesome non-chemical paints, you can create some amazing photo booth masks for you and the crew. Snap a few pics and skip the social media feeds. Text family picks directly to loves ones. You haven't seen them since the Covid lockdown. They'll love the gesture, and you a lot more. Recycle masks when you're done by placing the dowels in the compost bin.


 3. A CELEBRATION of the DEAD DINNER: For some people, Halloween isn't about tricks or treats. It's about celebtrating the life of loved ones who have past. Gather the family for a festive dinner filled with all the favorites, like pumpkin pies, cider, and more. Turn the TV off and give thanks to the living while honoring those in the afterlife.

Halloween at home doesn't have to be a sulky affair. Covid-19 has been hard on all of us, but it doesn't have to ruin the festivities. If you want to buy non-toxic paints for your DIY PHOTO BOOTH, just follow the link HERE.