Our Struggle To Get Rid Of Plastic

This company prides itself on sustainable values and eco-friendly functionality but the plastic fight is real and we may never fully be rid of it.

Many companies pride themselves on bragging about how eco they are and how good they are for the environment but they never talk about our mortal enemy, PLASTIC. As a manufacturer of textile-based products, plastics are very much needed to protect the health of our customers. Fibers must be placed in sealed plastic bags to protect them from little critters that just love to munch on raw fibers. You could pre-treat the wool and cotton with natural repellents but that doesn't ward off all creatures. 

We are also responsible for the plastics surrounding us. If you work with someone or a company that is heavy-handed on plastic usage you are also responsible for that plastic. As a principle rule, I have personally decided to reuse and recycle all the plastics in my surrounding area. When we get packages in the office I recycle the boxes and reuse any plastic that it comes in. I also have a wonderful shopping center a half-mile away that takes in plastic bags for recycling.

These solutions are not full proof but I have cut down my plastic consumption by 80 percent. I just opened a new retail/studio location and the plastic battle has begun once again. Drinking water in the office comes in plastic bottles. We are looking into purified water solutions for the store but they also come with challenges like plastic filters that have to be changed every two months.

Plastic is something we continue to fight and we won't stop until we have won. I am proud that as a small company my footprint is tiny and the plastic we use is reused over and over until it is finally sent to the recycle rubbish bin but we aim to live without it. 

This is the goal, This is the dream!