The Process of Designing New Tools for Design

Currently, I am working on a new book project and the process of designing tools for this project is fun but also taxing. There is so much to consider when designing a new tool for a project. Some of the key questions I must ask myself is:
  • Who is my target customer
  • What is the target age group
  • What is the average income level for entry
  • Where do they live and where do they shop
Most people don't understand why you must ask these questions but these questions are super important.

Design tools need to match the age group and the capability of the user. I can't give the same tool to a 12-year-old as I would a 32-year-old. The 12 you old would be confused with the instructions included and the 32-year-old would get bored rather quickly with the tool and instructions.

Handmade Loom By SAJATA-E FOR D2BD

The tools used in my designs must also be comfortable in the hands of the user, allowing endless hours of creativity. The customer must also be able to afford the materials to create the project presented to them. If the price point is too high for entry, the target customer won't participate.

The location of the participant is one of the most important parts of my design process as well. Can the person simply go to the store in town to get what they need to participate or will they have to shop online and get materials delivered? Can they buy the materials direct from me or will they have to go to other retailers for missing components? 

Research... it's the keyword and it has become the dominant force in my job as of late. I love it but it takes loads of time and lots of experimenting.

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