We Are Open, We Are Ready! A Message From SAJATA-E

Dear Creative Thinkers,

These last two weeks have been, shall we say... INTERESTING!

Things have been changing rapidly and we have had to change with them. I just opened a new studio, shut down a warehouse, and had to move back to home base all in one months time. Have no fear, we are still open and running semi-normal for now.

I, like everyone else am safe and sound working from my live/work studio space for the time being.

Here are a few company updates you need to know:

  1. My new office will remain open but I WILL NOT be seeing any clients, customers, or co-workers until further notice.
  2. Orders are still being filled personally by me (NO ONE ELSE) and all online stores will remain open for now.
  3. Orders placed will be on a 24 hour delay for shipment as I follow all the CDC guidelines. All downloadable patterns and online content will remain the same and without interruption.
  4. If you signed up for a workshop, conference, or in-person class with my participating partners, all of these events have been postponed until further notice. Online classes will remain uninterrupted for now.
  5. Job postings will be announced in the beginning of April 2020.
Please follow my newsletter for updates and further announcements.

Be well, Stay safe... AND STAY HOME!