Introducing the Behind The Seams Podcast

It's a new year and a new decade! Time for new beginnings and new projects. It's been in the works for a few months now but I can finally debut the first episode of the Behind The Seams Podcast.

I had so much fun making the first episode. I'm sure everyone is wondering... why a podcast? Well, it's simple. I needed a better way of communicating my thoughts beyond social media which I will no longer be posting on a regular basis. I'm focusing more on my company blog, Patreon, and other long-form content channels.

2019 was an eye-opener. I took the entire year to refocus on what really mattered in my company. Taking a hard look (and yes I actually used spreadsheets to document this process) at my time management and goals I realize I spend a butt load of time doing things I don't want or need to do.

There are goals I want to accomplish and to do that I need to focus. I also want to connect to my customers in a more meaningful manner, this is what led to the podcast. I get to be honest and show people I am a real person. On the podcast, I get to celebrate the good and bad parts of my job. I also realized I wanted this podcast to be for people who are really interested in my journey. That is why clips of the podcast will be on Youtube but the full podcast will be on my Patreon channel.

If you want to hear a ten-minute clip of the podcast just click the video below:

To listen to the full episode simply go to: