The Reinvention of SAJATA-E After Leaving Hong Kong

Farming in Hong Kong

It's been one year to date since I have been in Hong Kong. So much has happened since that time. The time I spent researching sustainability in design and deciding how I wanted to proceed with my future.

Before leaving for Hong Kong I wasn't in the greatest of places professionally and personally. On the surface, it seemed like I had a really cool life. I was getting paid well, I was building my community with partners, and I was thriving as an artist. Guess what... most of all this SUCKED! The Bronx was and still is undergoing a huge gentrification issue. I will not discuss my political views but I will say as a native Bronxite born on the mainland and running my practice here for the last 20 years this fight has left a poor taste in my mouth. No one, not even so-called community organizers have a real grasp on what is truly needed in order to create a healthy and thriving Bronx community for its residents and small business workers. I needed a change and I needed it fast. For the last year, I had been working on an opportunity to work in Asia for a while (Hong Kong and Taiwan) and the deal fell into place. With the help of the Asian Cultural Council, I became their 2018 Arts Fellow with my research in sustainability in CRAFTS artisanship. 

The DOOOR Arts Space at YMCA Hong Kong

In my work abroad I was able to meet, interview, and study many artisans in the field of natural dye, farming for product/food and other sustainable artists.

I was also able to view another way of living. A more peaceful way of life. This was something I had been searching for. 

Hong Kong Temple

For most in Hong Kong, their issues were just like my issues back home but they had another approach to them. I learned that there is a time to speak up and there is a time not to be so outspoken for this will not get you what you want. This will not solve the mission.

Clara Cheung C and G-Artpartment

Most importantly, I learned how to edit my work life. Not everything is meant to stay with you forever. We grow, we change, we become better. For that change to occur we must rid ourselves from the stuff that is keeping us from progressing.

When I arrived back home I completely tore my company and my studio apart! I kept what was working and left the rest behind. With a better work/life balance, I have been able to create a life I am finally proud of. I sleep well knowing from this experience I became a better person. 

All of my research was compiled into a video docu-series called FROM BRONX TO HONG KONG. you can watch the footage of my journey on my YT Channel Here.