If you have been following my Instagram post over the last month you would have seen some pretty wacky photos some might think are "Unfashionable."

I decided to create a series of design styles called 'HOW HIGH IS FASHION' to shed some light on the fact that design, fashion, and art are all subject to criticism. What is fashionable to one person may not be fashionable to another. I have always pushed boundaries in design and this series was no different.

LOOK 1: The Cat In The Hat

This was funny to me because as I design I never know what childhood characters will pop up in my memories and influence my pieces.


I liked this one because... Well... I have met a lot of sad housewives in my life. Also, this piece would be easily criticized by an art critic. Is it modern art, is it craft? I'm so confused I'm just gonna say I hate it! 

LOOK 3: The Environmental Artist

This was a slam dunk due to all the "Save The Earth Peeps" on Insta. I care too but damn.

 LOOK 4: The Instagram Urban Model

This was a hard joke to tell because I'm URBAN but it had to be told! We sooooo WOKE! You not cooler than me vibe floating about the net got everyone running for the hills.

I hope you all like the series. My next series will be coming out in October 2019. Follow me on Instagram @sajatae for all the fun.