How To Survive New York Fashion Week As An Industry Professional

It's that time of year again... New York Fashion Week!
Everyone puts their best footwear forward in order to be seen by photographers, bloggers, and magazine editors. I have been in this industry for 20 years and frankly, the whole week can make the calmest person want to punch a puppy.

In order to bring some sanity to the mayhem, I decided to put together this little list of things to remember while traveling from show to show as an industry professional that no one really tells you.

1) Bring with you a really nice bag large enough to place your heels in.
You will be traveling far and wide from show to show and you don't want to tear up your $300
shoes in the mean streets of NY. Wear a $10.00 pair of flats until you get to your destination and change shoes before you get into the venue.

2) Be very selective about the shows you go to.
This is the second year I passed up invitations to fashion shows. If I don't know you or have worked with you personally I am probably not going. It might seem flattering to sit in the second row of a designer show but if you are just filler for seats you will be treated like Tupperware. Shifted, sorted, and even bumped if someone with a cooler outfit comes along. That game is for fashionistas, not industry professionals.

3) Follow the seating assignment given to you and if you don't like your seating assignment just cancel.
I was assigned PRIORITY STANDING for today's fashion show but when I got to the venue a stage crew member thought I was a "STANDING" assignment. Within seconds a security officer WITHOUT looking at my ticket quickly pulled me off the wrong line and placed me in my priority spot and corrected the other crew member in front of me. So why did this quick correction happen? The Hong Kong Trade Development Council invited me personally to their show to support their artists. They were super amazing to me all week long when I attended the last fashion week in Hong Kong. If I get angry about my treatment (which I wouldn't) I might not fly out this year to attend fashion week in Hong Kong again. The assignments are IMPORTANT!

4) When it comes to your outfit... LESS IS MORE.
Nice shoes, nice bag, lipstick, and neat hair. THAT'S IT! You are there to support your colleagues not steal the show. It's better to look like the industry professional you are instead of a thirsty mess. You know you have succeeded in looking like a professional when the guests are afraid to sit next to you.

5) Don't sit in the front unless you are a magazine editor or you are asked by the designer personally.
Front row is for reporters, editors, and guest of the designer. Also if you are a recognizable designer you can be a disturbance to the show.

I hope this was helpful to all you industry professionals burned out by all the hoopla of fashion week. Drink water, relax and enjoy.