Create Small Woven Wall Art

You will need:

4 Popsicle sticks
Multi-purpose glue
Acrylic paint
A few small balls of yarn
1 Pair of scissors
1 Yarn needle
1 Comb
Some mini Pom poms (this is optional)

Step 1.

Using your multi-purpose glue place Popsicle sticks together forming a square. Let dry for about an hour. After your frame has dried paint it your favorite color and let dry for another hour or so.

Step 2.

Using a single ball of yarn warp your frame by wrapping your yarn around the frame leaving a little space between wraps. Cut and knot ends to frame.

Step 3.

With yarn needle in hand and strung with a different color yarn weave in your design. Get creative and weave patterns. You can even string in some cool Pom poms if you are feeling really creative.

For a rustic look use twine on frame to hang your work on the wall.