How To Crochet A Simple Heart

You will need:

1 Small skein of yarn- medium weight
1 Crochet hook size G
1 Pair of scissors

Sl St...Slip Stitch
dc...double crochet
tr...triple crochet (treble)

Create a slip knot then chain 4 sts. Sl st end of ch to form a ring. All sts in this pattern will be done in this ring.

Round 1.
Ch 4 (this will count as your first tr), 3 tr, 3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc, 4 tr, end round with sl st in ring.

Using your scissors cut string and knot off. You can also crochet this pattern using the magic ring method and draw it close at the end of your pattern. This will leave you with a very neat heart with no hole in the middle.