How To Make A Teddy Bear

You will need:

1 Teddy bear pattern
1 Pair of toy eyes
½ Yard of fabric
1 Needle and thread
1 Clear spool of thread
1 Pair of scissors
Toy stuffing

Step 1

With a French curve and pencil draw and cut out teddy bear outline with a ¼ seam allowance. Pin pattern down on folded fabric and cut out.

Step 2

Using a needle and clear thread sew toy eyes on front of teddy bear’s face. Flip cut outs on wrong side and pin together. Sew together ¼ inch away from seam using a back stitch. Leave a 2 inch hole at top of head.

Step 3

Use your scissors to cut notches in your seam allowance. With head opening flip teddy on right side. Fill your teddy with toy stuffing. Sew up top of head using a whip stitch and you’re done.