Recycle Egg Carton Paper

You will need:
1 Paper making kit [buy this from any craft store]
1 Square bucket
1 Package of reusable dust clothes
1 Blender
1 Strainer
1 Paper egg carton
1 Pot
1 Pair of scissors
2 Wooden boards
2 Clamps
1 Metal hanger and clothes pins


Using your scissors cut egg cartons into small pieces and place into pot.

Step 2

Fill pot with water and boil for an hour.  After an hour of boiling  remove pot from heat.  Pour egg carton pieces into strainer.

Step 3

Place egg carton pieces into your blender. Fill blender half way with warm water. Blend into pulp.

Step 4

Pour your pulp into your bucket then fill your bucket half way with water.

Step 5

Using your paper making frame kit place into bucket and shift pulp onto frame. Lift frame from water and place aside.

Step 6

Place one board down then place one cloth on top of board. Lift your frame and carefully remove mesh screen from the middle. Carefully flip screen onto cloth then remove leaving your wet paper onto cloth. Repeat step 5 and 6 until all your pulp is gone.

Step 7

After you  have all of your paper lying on your board place second board on top and squeeze all the water out using clamps  on both sides. After all the water is squeezed out remove clamps and lift top board.

Step 8

Lift each cloth from your board and pin onto your hanger using clothes pins. Let paper on cloth fully dry before removal.

Step 9

After your paper has fully dried remove cloth from hanger and carefully peel paper from cloth.